A Light on Compassion!

Cape Town’s prolific waterfront community is paying tribute to light and hope this year. It’s a seven day celebration and yesterday on day two it was dedicated to the spirit of compassion.

At midnight on the 31stof December 2020 the V&A shone a light of hope from the precinct which, on clear nights, will be visible throughout the city and surrounding suburbs.  The beam, which consists of 36 vertical searchlights, forms part of the Waterfronts’ Tribute of Light and Hope which will run for seven days. Day 2 zoned in on compassion and this 123 hectare neighborhood is building the essence of giving back into their very DNA.

The V&A sees one of its roles on the continent as being a platform that drives positive social and economic change. By prioritising people and the planet, the V&A is an example of how working with communities, respecting the environment and operating with passion and integrity is a better, more productive and kinder way of doing business. 2020, with all its curve ball challenges served to sharpen this multi purpose destination’s attempts at giving back meaningfully and as we hold the light up to the spirit of compassion, we look into some of the ways the Waterfront has led from the front when it comes to spreading good will.

The Heart of Filling the Belly

With Heart of Filling the Belly, a campaign launched last year which supported the V&A’s food and beverage tenants, the pillars of Community, Upliftment and Food for locals came to life. The campaign was a catalyst response to the tremendous need for food relief at the outset of Covid-19. 

Collaboration was the driving force behind this food relief program and those involved managed to chop, dice and cook up to 2000 meals a day. Working in partnership with Den Anker, Via Vittoria, Radisson Red, Grand Beach Café and the Oranjezicht Farmers Market, the Waterfront’s partnership allowed them to support local NGOs like Ladles of Love, Hebron Project, The Justice Desk and The Rhulani Mabasa Children’s Foundation.

To date Heart of Filling the Belly has shared 117 040 meals with hungry bellies in need.

Watch here for more:

Helping Youth Dial into Activism with The Justice Desk

The Justice Desk is an award winning non-profit organisation that empowers local people to become human rights defenders and everyday activists. The Justice Desk educates, advocates and equips youth, vulnerable groups, civil society, and governments in human rights, justice and advocacy in order to lead their own positive change. The Justice Desk’s key focal areas are: gender-based violence, human trafficking, human rights education and children’s rights. 

The 16 Days of Activism campaign was launched with the idea to highlight the plight of women and the girl child globally. It aims to accelerate policy and legislative conversations on how the law and our people could better protect women and the girl child. As a part of The Justice Desk’s response to the gender-based violence crisis, specifically  violence against women in South Africa, The ”Mbokodo Club” Project (translated to The Rock Club from isiXhosa) was formed. This project focuses on offering female empowerment workshops, mental health care support, and self-defense programs to girl survivors of gender-based violence and rape.

The Mbokodo Heroes are between the ages of 10 – 19, and come from the murder capital of South Africa, an under-served community called Nyanga. Through a variety of transformative processes, our girls are equipped and empowered to become incredible leaders and champions for human rights in their communities. The motto of this project is “wathint’abafazi wathint’imbokodo” which translates to “you strike a woman; you strike a rock”.

The Justice Desk now sees this campaign as a stark reminder of how South Africa has failed her people. We can no longer afford to only shine a spotlight on our country’s GBV problem during this campaign of 16 days, but rather emphasise the importance of fighting it 365 days a year, as women and girl children die daily in this country. 

The beam of light which illuminated the skyline for an hour at midnight on 31 December 2020 will continue to shine daily for an hour at 21h00 for the next few days compelling us to reflect and we’ll hopefully realise that compassion is merely good intentions ignited by decisive action. We live in a time where doing good is truly good business and with establishments like the V&A embodying new models of merging commerce and compassion humanity is surely headed into a promising future. Highlighting compassion as much more than a cheque handover on a charitable occasion, the V&A is also challenging us as Capetonians and even South Africans to make compassion a daily, lived-in experience!

So, let’s all do our bit and keep those less fortunate in-mind during these uncertain times.

Keep safe, mask-up and don’t forget to be kind to one-another too.

The Boy On The Park Bench.


The V&A Waterfront Shines a Light on the City of Cape Town!

In a Tribute of Light and Hope, one of my all time favourite shopping destinations in Cape Town, the V&A Waterfront, shines a Light on the City of Cape Town as we kick-start 2021!


In light of a year that was filled with uncertainty and fear, the V&A Waterfront on midnight of the 31st of December 2020, shined a beam of hope from the precinct which, on a clear night, is visible throughout the city and suburbs that have a view of the city bowl. The beam, which consists of 36 vertical searchlights, forms part of the Waterfronts’ Tribute of Light – symbolising the lives that were lost, the jobs that were affected, the coming together of a nation in solidarity in 2020 and ultimately for hope in 2021.


“We are using the symbolic warmth of light to draw us to a moment to connect, even though we are physically apart, and hope everyone who sees it takes the time to contemplate on themes of compassion, solidarity, connection, inspiration, and collaborations we have been able to demonstrate and experience during a very uncertain period. New Year’s Eve will marked the first time in the V&AWaterfront’s 30-year history, that we did not see crowds converge in our neighbourhood for the traditional countdown to a fireworks display at midnight to usher in the New Year” says David Green, CEO of the V&A Waterfront.

The beam was on for an hour at midnight on 31 December 2020 and will continue to be, daily for an hour at 21h00 for the next few days.


Visitors to the Waterfront over the holiday period can also look forward to the continuation of the festive décor theme, Joy from Africa to the World. This became a global-first when it launched last year, with the destination producing sustainable festive décor and installations throughout the precinct – all crafted from recyclable materials. This year’s festive decorations were made possible through the collaborative efforts between local artists, makers, tenants, and children from surrounding schools. 134 crafters and designers have contributed to spreading hope and light through the festive décor.

Sustainability, collaboration, creativity and compassion remain the foundation of the V&A Waterfront’s holiday season. The 2020 festive period was preceded by months of global upheaval, extended moments of isolation, and change that few of us could predict or control. The Waterfront continues to contribute to humanity’s attempts to restore hope and are geared to do it in a meaningful way, each day.

For more information visit the V&A Waterfront website here: https://www.waterfront.co.za

Managing Covid-19

Covid-19 Management protocols at the Waterfront remain in place throughout the festive period with the wearing of masks mandatory throughout the neighbourhood. In August 2020, the Waterfront became the first attraction in South Africa to adopt the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Safe Travels stamp protocols. This is the world’s first-ever global safety and hygiene stamp for Travel & Tourism, designed specifically to address COVID-19 and similar outbreaks.

About The V&A Waterfront:

The V&A Waterfront is an iconic mixed-use destination located in the oldest working harbour in the Southern Hemisphere. With Table Mountain as its backdrop, the 123-hectare neighbourhood sits within the beautiful city of Cape Town, welcoming millions of people from all over the continent and the rest of the world. The V&A is a symbol of heritage and diversity, where people from all walks of life can play, live, shop, dine and work while immersed in the vibrant spirit and authentic local culture that exists in this bustling ecosystem. It sees its role on the continent to be a platform that facilitates and champions art and design, to support entrepreneurship and innovation, lead the charge on sustainability, and drive positive social and economic change. By prioritising people and the planet, the V&A is an example of how working with communities, respecting the environment and operating with passion and integrity is a better, more productive and kinder way of doing business.

So, make your way to this exciting destination for a spot of lunch. a shopping treat or some self care, you are set to enjoy it, whether family, friends or just by yourself.

And who knows I may even bump into you there!


The Boy On The Park Bench.


Fitch & Leedes goes coral!

Fitch & Leedes goes coral with, new avant-garde Grapefruit Tonic.

Be on trend with the 2019 Pantone colour of the year and make coral your go to shade this summer with new Fitch & Leedes Grapefruit Tonic.

I recently attended the launch event of this new tonic and can I just say, it hits the spot with a flurry of zesty grapefruit combined with delicate hints of bitterness. Fusing fun and finesse, it will defs uplift your senses with every sip.

Stepping out with a brand new retro look, the Grapefruit Tonic struts its stuff in style in a glass bottle sealed with a crown cap and embossed with the signature Fitch & Leedes sailing ship. Which I just love, from a look and feel p.o.v. just so by the way!

Hope on Hopkins Gin and Fitch & Leedes Grapefruit Tonic HR

This versatile grapefruit tonic takes you from day to night. Enjoy it while basking in the sun, at a sophisticated upmarket venue for sundowners and everywhere in between. The vivacious tonic is a breath of fresh air when paired with premium gin, vodka or tequila. 3 of my favourite drinks in summer!

Flirting with delicate fizz and fine balance, Fitch & Leedes Grapefruit Tonic ensures the best taste representation of what was intended by the master distiller. Fitch & Leedes shines the spotlight on the hard work and skill put into creating fine spirits, making it the preferred mixer for most leading distillers.

“A great addition to the Fitch & Leedes line-up, the new grapefruit tonic is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet and makes for a crisp, refreshing G&T. We love it with our African Botanical Gin, previously known as our Salt River Gin, where it adds a fresh citrus tanginess to balance the fynbos botanicals,” says Lucy Beard of Hope on Hopkins, the craft distillery in Salt River.

Her perfect serve is one part Hope on Hopkins African Botanical Gin to four parts Fitch & Leedes Grapefruit Tonic garnished with a slice of grapefruit and a sprig of thyme, or with a few muddled summer berries and mint.

The Grapefruit Tonic is the perfect accessory for G&Ts and cocktails, and ticks the box as a perfect non-alcoholic alternative too.

Fitch & Leedes can be found at leading purveyors of fine beverages, boutique wine shops, selected delis, fine dining establishments and cocktail bars. It sells at around R55 for a 6-pack of 200ml cans or R50 per 4-pack of 200ml glass bottles.

Visit https://www.fitchleedes.co.za/ or join the Fitch & Leedes A-listers on Facebook and follow @FitchLeedes on Instagram and Twitter.

Enjoy and Happy International G&T Day Folks.


The Boy On The Park Bench

Sandal/shoe hybrid makes a comeback!

Sandalised shoes are making a major comeback this summer as many male consumers choose comfort, style and ventilation over formal footwear, according to a leading shoe designer. This was evident in my Sun Met ’18 look.

Bolton Footwear’s Devan Odayan says there’s been renewed interest and demand this summer for the sandal and shoe hybrid known as sandalised shoes.

“We’re finding that customers are going back to the sandalised shoe concept. It’s a clear trend this summer as men continue pushing the footwear fashion envelope. Sandalised shoes have the look of a formal closed toe shoe and all the related comfort and support, with the advantage of allowing the feet to breath easily.

“The look is sophisticated and they can be worn at both formal and informal occasions,” said Odayan, adding that South Africa was in line with a global trend towards sandals and sandalised shoes.

“In addition to our sandalised shoes, I also recommend Crockett & Jones’s hardy, stylish and comfortable leather sandals which are also trending globally right now. Both styles comprise genuine leather which stretches and moulds to the feet and allows them to breathe.

“Crockett & Jones sandalised shoes comprise built up heels, great ankle support and of course excellent ventilation,” added Odayan.

Crockett & Jones footwear is available at selected stores nationwide.

More about the classic Crockett & Jones brand:

Crockett & Jones is a high-end, men’s formal Goodyear-welted, cement-lasted, leather-soled classic shoe brand. Each pair of expertly crafted shoes is manufactured with the world’s finest leathers to precise standards of quality.

Crockett & Jones is part of Bolton Footwear (Pty) Ltd., and is one of South Africa’s foremost footwear companies. Bolton’s roots date as far back as 1859 when English immigrant Charles Searle began making rugged leather “veldschoen” stitch-down boots for the operators of ox-wagon trains transporting goods between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

In the many decades that followed, the company grew and diversified. In 1980 it was bought by Desmond Bolton and later renamed Bolton Footwear. The company has since developed into a household name, highly respected as manufacturers of top quality shoes.

I know my grandpa, dad and many of my older male family members are huge fans and I know why because it’s truly classic style that never dates!

So go get your sandal/shoe hybrid on! Trust me your feet will love you, for the fresh air and more!


The Boy On The Park Bench

SA Menswear Week AW18!

SA Menswear Week (#SAMW) moves to Cape Town City Hall this season with a full schedule of top designers. 

From bringing back the best streetwear designers, through to the largest collection of continental designers, SA Menswear Week introduces some of your favourites in a new Presentation Space, allowing for a longer experience and and opportunity to get up close with the designer collections.

#FashionTalks and PREview PREsentation showcasing the new designers returns too.

This all takes place in one of Cape Town’s iconic buildings, the City Hall. Here the SAMW have multiple spaces spread over various floors and rooms to encompass everything from hospitality to catwalks.

The team would like to give a big thank you to The City of Cape Town for their ongoing support of SA Menswear Week.

See below official SAMW AW18 show schedule:

More on SAMW: http://www.menswearweek.co.za

Tickets for the shows are now available online, via webtickets.

See you at the shows and who knows you could be snapped by our street style spotter!


The Boy On The Park Bench

Style ahead of the Field!

Last year I posted about the #SunMet 2018 theme – “Style Ahead of the Field” and I was so amped for this theme, that I planned my look 2 months in advance, but in the end I went for something completely different and boy did I flourish!

My original look was this idea of a grass green, double breast blazer, crisp white shirt teamed up with a bold pineapple print pants but unfortunately I left the prep of this outfit to late so I had to opt for something completely different!

A lighter colour pallet and a mix of florals with in-your-face accessories made my Met look a botanical masterpiece!

I teamed a floral print blazer and matching waist coat with a pair of white chinos, some brown leather sandals and accessories like the brown leather strip bow tie, flower pins and a little bird broach – which mind you I got at the Met 2 years ago and always knew it would come in handy one day and it had a life of its own on Saturday.

For that added detail I utilized a vintage camera bag as my man pouch and a pair of bold sunglasses for that added touch of glam!

The conrows/Man braids was a very last minute.com decision but it worked out so well, I’m glad I finally did it!

Outfit details:

Grooming: Blvck Sheep Barber

Jacket and waist coat: CSquared

Chinos: Woolworths

Shoes: Truworths Man

Bow tie: Top Man (vintage)

Sunglasses: Avanglian

Bag: Vintage

Flowers: MRP Home

The motto of this outfit – don’t be afraid to take risks and bold steps! It may just pay off and be the most amazing memory!

Photographer: Ramiie Mutshekwa of Ramiiegraphy.com

So go out and flourish mense! Do the most and own your space in this world! Make every moment YOUR red carpet moment. After all we only live once.


The Boy On The Park Bench